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Schaller Research Groups

at Heidelberg University and DKFZ

A major Foundation focus is the nurturing of “Schaller Research Groups”. This multi-year programme provides a flexible funding package to cover both start-up and direct research costs. Funds may be used for group leader and research assistant salaries, equipment, animals, consumables, collaborative activities, and professionally justified travel.



Folgende Juniorgruppen werden ihre Arbeit im Herbst 2017 beginnen:


Claudio Acuna

Südhof Lab @ Stanford


Amit Agarwal

Bergles Lab @ Johns Hopkins


Petr Chlanda



Annarita Patrizi

Five Schaller Research Groups were established between October 2011 and April 2012. In 2015, the funding period, initially specified for five years, was extended for another two years. The groups are further supported by the University of Heidelberg (Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks and Medical Faculty) and the German Cancer Research Center and are also affiliated with these institutions.

Annual Research Reports